About Supriya Jain

Supriya Jain founded Rose Creations with the goal of designing and creating exquisite garments that represent her love for distinctive and excusive fashion and taste.

Supriya Jain, although having over 15 years of experience in the profession, has never taken any fashion design courses. The Rose Creations collection includes bridal lehangas, dresses, Haute Couture, and much more.

Because of the affection that all of our clients and well-wishers have showered us with, the diversity and enthusiasm for The Rose Creations has only grown with each passing day and we are now one of the most well known designer store in town.

Mrs. Jain’s basic philosophy is to produce something that can strike the right balance between elegance and glamour.

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Why Rose Creations

Our boutique has a distinct design and shopping experience that reflects our customers’ personalities. We offer the most popular styles and trends, allowing our customers to put together a great wardrobe.

From mother to daughter, or even grandmother, our designers value each shopper’s unique taste. Rose Creations offers a genuinely unique shopping experience.

Are you looking for your perfect outfit? Look no more!

We are so happy to see you here, but it would be even better to meet you in person! Let's get in touch and we will plan a visit for you!