Gota Patti Work: What You Need to Know to Style It for D-Day

Gota Patti Work: What You Need to Know to Style It for D-Day

Gota Patti Work: What you need to know to style it for D-Day

There is no denying that the gota patti work is a winner when it comes to bridal trousseau designs. Are you familiar with it and know where you can source authentic gota patti work from? Keep reading to find out more!

Gota Patti work is perfect for those who want bling in their trousseau without carrying around a lot of weight. Nowhere near as heavy as mirror work, you can walk around carefree in a gota patti lehenga (and even carry a stunning gota patti potli around with you). I’m sure you already agree that gota patti is a great bridal trousseau hack, but here are a few more reasons. Take a look at these images and let them change your mind.

What is Gota Patti Work?

India’s Gota-Kinari/ Gota-Patti embroidery is distinctive to the state of Rajasthan. An appliqué technique has been used to achieve the end results of this beautiful embroidery that has been inspired by the Mughals. To create
intricate designs, little bits of Zari, usually in gold, silver, or copper, are
stitched onto the fabric.

How do I know if the Gota Patti Work is authentic?

Fabrics, jewellery, and accessories all feature gota patti work, but how do you know whether it’s genuine? One fact that can help you distinguish between the real and the fake gota patti work is that it is done with metal and is consequently known as metal embroidery in parts of Rajasthan, where it originated.

It was formerly (and traditionally) done using real silver and gold; but, to meet the needs of modern consumers, it is now done with various less expensive metals such as copper and others. So, if the embroidery is only done with fabric gota or thick metallic paint with the edges sewn down, it really isn’t worth it. Only when the appliqué technique is used to set the pieces of metal (a very thin layer of it) and form the gota patti design, is when it is considered authentic.

Where can I have it sourced from?

This stunning gold and silver lace work is best produced in Lucknow and Rajasthan. However, it is now available locally at your favourite designer, Supriya Jain’s store at Rose Creations Ludhiana.

The Rose Creations muse, as seen in the picture wears a spectacular lehenga with a statement blouse in red that combines the magnificence of gota patti handwork and machine embroidery to create an absolute, timeless masterpiece.

Cultural Significance of the work for the Brides of India.

Traditional textiles’ value is increased by surface texturing and embroidery. Gota patti, which was worn by Mughal and Rajput royalty in the past, is notable for its vibrant colours and intricate technique. An authentic gota piece can easily become an heirloom as part of a
bridal trousseau.

How does Rose Creations modernise yet preserve the work?

Rose Creations, Ludhiana uses gota threads and stripes that have been updated to appeal to a millennial dresser, as well as authentic old-world gota embroidery mixed with modern silhouettes and colours to create a balance of the old and new. Supriya Jain has also previously designed several outfits combining the Rajasthani craftsmanship with the traditional Mughal-inspired silhouettes and visualises more such creations to make the modern-day bride look like a dream on her big day.

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