Indian bridal lehengas

Unveiling dreams-Indian bridal lehenga

Unveiling dreams-Indian bridal lehenga

The Indian bridal lehenga holds great cultural significance in weddings, and while red has traditionally been the preferred color, modern brides are now embracing a variety of colors, including the vibrant and feminine shade of pink. Pink offers a delightful and fun touch to the bridal attire, allowing brides to express their individuality and add a lively element to their wedding ensemble.

Pink encompasses a broad spectrum of shades, ranging from soft pastels to bold and vibrant hues. Each shade possesses its own unique charm and can be seamlessly paired with the Indian and ethnic backdrop of a wedding. Opting for a pink bridal lehenga can symbolize not only grace, refinement, and beauty but also a sense of playfulness and whimsy, infusing a joyful spirit into the occasion.

Pink bridal lehengas have gained popularity among brides who desire to honor tradition while adding their personal touch to their Indian bridal lehenga. The color pink radiates a youthful and exuberant vibe, bringing a sense of joy and freshness to the overall bridal look. Furthermore, pink lehengas can be enhanced with intricate embroidery, embellishments, or traditional motifs, transforming them into stunning and one-of-a-kind outfits that captivate attention.

Ultimately, the selection of a Indian bridal lehenga color is a deeply personal choice, allowing brides to explore various options that align with their unique style and preferences. Pink undoubtedly stands as a versatile and beautiful choice that can make a bride truly stand out on her special day, leaving a lasting impression on all who witness her radiance.

The ubiquitous use of pink in Indian weddings is simply wonderful because of its sweet-surreal charm, bewitching vivacity & joyful feel. Not only that, but pink is considered one of the “forever colours” when it comes to bridal wear or lehengas for a variety of good reasons. Pink is one of the most widely sought-after & loved lehenga hues amongst brides because of its charismatic effervescence. Moreover, this colour is a favourite among brides who do not want to wear red but also do not want to wear more offbeat hues like greens, blues, and ivory.

Indian bridal lehenga– A Diverse Color Palette to Choose From

There is a large colour palette to choose from, and brides are frolicking about amidst various hues ranging from light & blush pinks all the way to fuschia & rani pinks and looking sultry as ever. However, if you’d prefer to wear pink lehengas with a splash of or a combination of colours, we would be delighted to assist you.

“A thing of beauty is a joy forever.”

John Keat’s words resonate deeply as we witness a timeless classic from our studio that has been loved over the years and still remains fresh and beloved by our brides.

A blush pink tulle Indian bridal lehenga. The skirt panels feature artworks comprising of bejewelled motifs in gold and in shades of orange and green. The embroidery is rendered using resham zardozi, kasab-dori, dabka, naqshi, sequins and pearls, while the intricate borders showcase a unique embroidery technique that is crafted with zardozi and marodi ka kaam. It is paired with an embroidered illusion tie-up choli and sheer tulle dupattas.


Rose Creations’ Bride has truly given us a new definition of elegance in our timeless Indian bridal lehenga that embodies studio’s signature lightness and impeccable construction moulded to the body. The ensemble is embellished with hand embroidery and delicate crystal work.


She shares with us the story of her wedding outfit:

“This Indian bridal lehenga is from Rose Creations and I tried it on in 2020 for fun and sent my parents a mirror selfie. The first bridal lehenga I ever wore, and it felt perfect. Dainty yet opulent, elegant yet impactful. Two years later, when I was wedding shopping, I still had this outfit in mind. Because nothing else caught my eye to try on, I tried on this
lehenga only. It was one of those full circle moments.“

Pink symbolizes romance and sweetness. This is such a charming colour that it can make all your stress disappear in an instant. Why not incorporate this colour of love into your wedding attire? You can use this colour in your decor, jewellery, makeup, and whatnot. Today, we bring you a mesmerizing lehenga in your favourite pink
shade. Look gorgeous in this glamorous pink lehenga and don’t forget to save it to your favourites. After all, pink exudes elegance and beauty
Indian bridal lehenga

Red Bridal Lehenga

Whenever you pictured yourself on your wedding day as a little girl or teenager, did you not see yourself in a red bridal lehenga? It is widely recognized that red is the colour of marriage in Indian culture. Anything auspicious is associated with the colour red. Additionally, it is associated with purity, sensuality, and fertility. That is why we are required to wear red tikas on our foreheads during religious functions. In India, most brides wear red sarees or red bridal wedding lehengas on their D-days for the same reason. 

It is the quintessential North Indian wedding attire to wear a red bridal Indian bridal lehenga. Such lehengas are usually made of rich fabrics like red silks, velvets, Georgettes, and Benarasi weaves. They are often embellished with gold to make them unique. Despite this, red Indian bridal lehenga often end up looking stereotypical. The red bridal lehenga has for long been a favourite of India’s most known bridal wear designers and elite custom-made bridal wear makers, and it continues to be so today. Check out this breath-taking Indian bridal lehenga designed by Rose Creations Ludhiana if this is what is bothering you, but you can’t mentally accept wearing another colour.

We find red to be an incredibly glamorous colour! Look at this stunning crimson wedding lehenga that is devoid of anything flashy! This warm matte red fabric goes great with the bride’s skin tone! And the gold and white-coloured details on the embroidery are simply stunning. There is an ornate border to the skirt, and light floral embroidered motifs covers the rest of it.

An ornate skirt reminiscent of medieval Mughal architecture adorns the red bridal wedding lehenga. The lehenga skirt features floral motifs that have been compartmentalized.

Our bride is dressed in our floral lehenga, which features rich colours of red that are beautifully accented with badla work and french knots. To complete the look, the lehenga is teamed with a matching blouse and handwoven floral dupatta, and the dupatta and blouse are decorated with exquisite crystal hangings.

Who doesn’t appreciate the beauty of flowers? Well, most girls do, which is why floral lehengas will never go out of style. They are vibrant, include profuse embroidery, and can transform any bride into a true princess. Floral lehengas have always been a woman’s fantasy dress, according to designer Supriya Jain, who recently exhibited a collection dedicated to the modern bride.

Also, they’re also popular among Bollywood brides.

Bollywood divas and their sartorial choices are responsible for a lot of the fashion seen at wedding stores. And they’ve made the flowery trend extremely popular. Deepika Padukone and actress Anushka Sharma both wore flowery lehengas to their weddings.

We adore them, but what makes them so adaptable? “Floral designs are one of the most feminine, flattering, and versatile ways to dress up a piece of clothing. Florals, whether printed or hand embroidered, add a unique style to even the most modern of outfits. Adding flowers to a collection makes it feel romantic and fresh without losing its edge, and as couturiers, we try to incorporate as much romanticism as possible into our collections. Florals bring out the delicacy of a clothing, which is reflected on the wearer’s face, giving them a more youthful and gentler overall appearance” Supriya Jain explains.

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